Boxing: SOS for Pacquiao and Mayweather

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Will the top two names in boxing ever get it on? Ross Bellamy discusses why it needs to happen now more than ever before.

The recent announcement that Manny Pacquiao will clash with Marquez for an unprecedented fourth time this December was not greeted by enthusiasm and approval from boxing fans.

Instead, most have and have expressed disappointment, others disgust, whilst many experts are astounded that about a fourth installment between these two ring legends is on the horizon. Critics have rightly asked the $10,000 question, why subject the public to another round of a rivalry that people respect but no one is desperate for?

It is a fair question, as nobody wants to see Manny beating his Mexican counterpart for a third time. After 36 rounds of this trilogy, boxing fans have had their fill.

Instead, the question on everybody’s lips is this: Why can we not have Pacman v Mayweather?

This is the fighting spectacle that should make Boxing the back-page headline maker it has historically been. In the digital age of choice, boxing is beginning to lose it’s identity for most modern day fight fans, who instead are lapping up the delights of the UFC Octagon.

Whilst UFC thrives, the Boxing industry is in serious danger of losing an entire generation of fans. Just a glance back to last weekend’s Boxing bouts sees the manifestation of all that is wrong with the noble sport, namely Povetkin v Rahman.

It was a contest nobody wanted, nobody watched and nobody ever wants to see again. These types of bouts tarnish the image of the sport. We are lucky here in Britain as recent events as remarkable success at of our young brave ABA fighters at London 2012 Olympics has ignited people’s interest in Boxing.

Our boxing thirst has been quenched; can the same be said of the famously passionate American, German and Mexican audience?

So I urge all parties connected to Manny and Floyd to stop shadow boxing and get these two goliaths in the ring.

Do Pacquiao and Mayweather need to fight each other? Debatable. Does Boxing need Pacquiao and Mayweather to fight?

You bet it does. In the immortal words of Mills Lane “Lets get it on”

image: © KWDesigns