NBA Preview: Kidd in and Lin out unlikely to lift New York Knicks

Jason Kidd

Can the New York Knicks recapture the buzz and winning streak they had with Jeremy Lin on board?

New York Knicks

Placing last season: 36-30 (7th in Eastern Conference, Playoffs: First round exit)

Key moves: The Knicks most notable move was their refusal to sign Jeremy Lin to a longer-term contract, allowing him to move to the Houston Rockets.

Just a week before that move they picked up future hall of famer Jason Kidd (above) who at 39 isn’t realistically going to play a big role in the carrying the Knicks forward.

Via various trades, the Knicks also picked up fan favourite Raymond Felton and Marcus Camby, who will offer the club a new dimension this season.

Challenges ahead: Whether Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire can coexist is still up in the air. The two have put in the best part of 1 and a half seasons with the Knicks and have done little to prove that putting the two together was worth the Knicks shelling out all that money.

As it stands there are a lot of good players, Amare Stoudemire on the decline and Carmelo Anthony in his prime. This is simply not a title challenging team, which is what Knicks management had hoped it would be by now.

Reason to be positive: If Stoudemire and Anthony can learn to fit well together the Knicks could really be formidable. The Knicks are front-court heavy with Stoudemire, Anthony, Camby and Chandler and will look to dominate teams in the post.

Prediction: 46-36 (5th in Eastern Conference)

image: © Keith Allison