No Longer Single in the City

Couple In Love Svilen Milev

Remember me? The one who was adamant after a few months that this whole online dating lark was never going to amount to anything? That it was an interesting experience, but really not for her? Yeah, I remember her too, but I may have to revise my opinion just ever so slightly.

Sure, I went out in the real world and took my chances rather than sitting behind my PC. It wasn’t completely unsuccessful since I did manage to go out on a couple of dates, but most didn't go much beyond the first date. Nice enough guys, honestly, just not for me.

To be fair, I quite enjoyed the carefree single lifestyle but then, all of a sudden, it happened. Just like that, out of the blue, I receive a message. Not a wink or any such thing, an actual message. Curious as I am, I decided to have a little look. Nice smile, little shorter than I'd like but still a good four inches taller than me, and seemed decent enough. I sent a message back. Another three messages follow in short succession. We talked on the phone for a while and instantaneously seem to click. No shortage of subjects, lots of laughter. He lived not too far away and we agreed to meet half an hour later in a local pub where I know the owner. Indeed, this all occurred on the same evening within a time span of around two hours. I’ve never seen the point of having to wait a set amount of time between messages. Really, why waste valuable time?

The pub closed about an hour and a half later, which provided a natural excuse in case it didn’t amount to anything. But to my surprise it did. The chat in the pub was followed by a walk along the river, after which he very gentlemanly walked me home, gave me a hug, asked me out for dinner the next evening, and went home. Crikey, didn’t realise it still existed.

Contrary to the spontaneous meeting of the previous night, I actually got nervous. Too much time to prepare, I guess, and I couldn't even decide what to wear. I shouldn’t have worried though; we had a lovely evening. Dinner was followed by a picnic in the park two days later, a supermarket-bought tub of ice cream shared on the steps of a church, a trip to the movies, and before I knew it, it was getting serious. I wondered how it happened.

After all is said and done, perhaps this whole online dating business isn’t so bad after all, and it is indeed another way to meet that one guy or girl you may otherwise have missed.

However, I still think there are a lot of weird characters out there. So if you do, please be sensible. Now back to the revised me...


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