It's Leg Time

Time In Bedroom Hanna Zabielska

Apparently, it's all about the legs right now. For some of you guys, this is great news. For some of you gals, it's time to start shaving every day again.

We know, there are women among you who shave every day regardless. Like one friend of ours, who lives Southern California, had great legs, and wears skirts every single day. Or one of our closest friends, who kept it going until the birth of her second child. And our step-sister, who wakes up earlier than her kids to have her legs shaved and makeup on before the day begins. But for most of us, we forget until a few days have gone by, and suddenly we're jumping in the shower.

According to The New York Times, legs are being taken to a whole new level, and the coveted celebrity legs are Cameron Diaz's and Fergie, not Angelina Jolie, who perhaps kicked off the trend by baring her right leg on the red carpet earlier this year.

There are women exercising with a view to elongating the muscles in their legs. (Forget toning. That's a given.)

There's also microliposuction for those who want to shape without the effort, and something non-invasive called Cryolipolysis, or CoolSculpting.

And, of course, there's spray tan, which can now be two-tone to create a more toned look, and body makeup to balance out skin tone.

So apparently shaving every day isn't going to be quite enough. But at least it's a start. Maybe someday we'll even move on to waxing. After we fit in a "thigh-busting ballet barre routine."