For Sale: NYC's Most Expensive Apartment

City Spire Triplex

In case you missed it (we somehow did), New York listings have hit an all-time high with this triplex. Though we can't help thinking it will go for a bit less than its $100-million-dollar asking price...

After all, it's only 8,000 square feet over three floors on the top of CitySpire. Even in Manhattan, where the average price per square foot is well over $1,000 ($1,117 at the end of 2011), and many are closer to $4,000 and up, asking $12,500 per square foot is pretty steep. Throw a few million on top as a premium of that amount of space and you're still below $30 million.

City Spire Triplex

Of course, $4.5 million is now $7 million with inflation, and there was the cost of constructing the apartment, which was purchased as raw space for $4.5 million in 1993. But could that be more than $5 million?

That said, it does have three floors with 360-degree views of the city from the terraces that ring the entire apartment. But is that worth $50 million?

One Direction From The Octagon

To quote our best New York real-estate goddess friend, "There's only one New York, and from this home, you can see all of it. Besides, with a condo like this, price per square foot doesn't even consider into the equation. It's being able to have something no one else has."

She's got a point, and reckons it will go for closer to $75 million. Let us know if you're interested in buying it, and we'll put you in touch with her, and she'll get in touch with the listing agent - Robert de Niro's son, Raphael.

Entry Way At Octagon

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