Deutsche Banker Denies He Was High On Bath Salts and Ganja

The attorney for a Deutsche Bank media banker arrested in a confrontation with Los Angeles police denied the authorities’ report that his client said he ingested so-called bath salts and marijuana.

Bloomberg - Officers who filed the report made up the story to justify their May 15th beating of Brian Mulligan, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Los Angeles entertainment practice, attorney J. Michael Flanagan said in an interview Wednesday.

'They concocted a story to justify the unmerciful beating that they gave him', Flanagan said.

The Deutsche Bank executive is suing the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly using excessive force and CBS2 has obtained the police report at the heart of Brian Mulligan’s $50m claim.

The report claims that the officers responded to a call of an attempted grand theft at a Jack In The Box restaurant in Eagle Rock last May.

Officers noticed the 52-year-old man was sweating profusely and walking with an unsteady gait. Mulligan allegedly told officers he was being chased and didn’t know why.

According to the report, Mulligan spontaneously stated that he had ingested marijuana and that he had not slept in four days.

The officers also claim that Mulligan also stated that he ingested 'white lightning', which police say is a commercial name for bath salts which possess intoxicating effects similar to methamphetamine and cocaine.

Mulligan claims that the cops walked up to him and asked why he was in the area, and then proceeded to search both him and his car. Mulligan says the officers found a large amount of cash in the car - thousands of dollars - and then put him in a police car and drove to a nearby motel.

Mulligan claims that the cops told him to stay in the room until they returned. He claims he waited several hours, but they never came back. He says he felt he was being set up to be robbed or killed, so he made a run for it. As he ran out, he says cops were right there and began beating him mercilessly.

Bloomberg previously reported that Mulligan was admitted to a local hospital for his injuries. He was left with facial scars and difficulty smelling and breathing.

image: © Bengt Nyman

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