The Summer of the Hula Hoop

Grace Jones Hula Hooping

Londoners, Forget the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. Summer 2012 will be remembered for the hula hoop that rolled back.*

Wondering just how that happened? We were, too, until we remembered that without giving it a second thought, we bought three of them this summer.

"Oh, look!" I exclaimed to my husband on shopping trip in June. "I used to love these. And they're so inexpensive. And they're so fun. Should we buy some?" "Uh, sure," he replied.

Clearly the hoop had returned in the middle of the night and we didn't even notice.

We brought them home, and they've been used all summer long. By our kids. In all imaginable ways. Occasionally, my girlfriends and I will see if we can still hula hoop. We won't be able to, so we'll turn a cartwheel to make ourselves feel better. (And then, in another fit of retro throwback, we'll eat a Whoopie Pie.)

But celebrities all over the place are proving that their trainers work, and are hula hooping in the public eye. No doubt this is helping the trend roll on. has a gallery profiling hula hooping celebrities. Michelle Obama does it on the White House lawn; Liv Tyler hula hoops to her favourite song; Marisa Tomei spins it around all sorts of body parts; Beyonce uses a weighted hoop to work out. There are multiple images online of Selena Gomez hula hooping, and we missed it, but there were hula hoops at the Olympics during the Rhythmic Gymnastics competition.

there's a site that tells you how to make your own hula hoop (but at such a low price point, why would you want to?).

This summer also saw a Hip Hop Hula Hoop performance, as part of the Big Dance Bus 2012 tour, and guaranteed that hula hoops were all over London.

But most impressive of all has to be Grace Jones, who has been hula hooping on stage for a few years. WHILE SINGING. She did it at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert, and barely seemed out of breath at the end. Whether or not you care for her music, it's pretty damn impressive (at any age, and she, by the way, is 64).

So, didn't buy one this summer? It's not too late. Just make sure it's a real one.


* Ridiculous? Totally. We're just trying to be as fun as a hula hoop.