Another Former Banker Hops in the Sack

Karolina Kukielka

Maybe it isn't so surprising. Another banker leaves finance to start a business to better your bedroom. Is this because they finally have time to sleep ?

Ask founder Karolina Kukielka, who worked for Dresdner Kleinwort - now Commerzbank - in Frankfurt (in Interest Rates Derivatives) and New York (in Credit and FX), and she'll laugh and say no. Although she does say that "...working in a banking sector makes you quite particular about your bed, since due too long hours, you never catch enough sleep."

Karolina Kukielka

HITC finds out more.

Why did you feel the bedding market needed to go bespoke ?

I started Evencki because I wanted to bring a product that people will enjoy and appreciate. Why custom bed linen? I was actually looking for a product that I would like to buy, that I need. After searching for a place that specialized in custom bed linen for a specific size, I realized that there were not many options available at all.

Please elaborate.

Europeans are quite mobile, and it's not uncommon for people to live in different countries. Unfortunately, globalisation hasn't reached the bedding market, so in every country there are different bedding sizes. For some that's a problem, and others are just looking for a good quality product. Moreover, I think it is a general trend; people are just tired of mass production that's made in China. I appreciate local productions, and it is extremely popular in the US to have small brands coming out of places like upstate New York or California. This is missing in Europe.

To make the story short, i would say that the current situation creates a certain niche for companies like mine, or Goose (which HITC profiled last year). Therefore, I would like to target those that are looking for this extra value that cannot be delivered when buying from other brands. Mass production is a concept for big enterprises; it pays off once scaling the business. I believe in small manufacture focusing on good craftsmanship, and on things done well on a small scale.

How did your exit from banking come around ?

After the crisis, when banking started shrinking and the banking culture started changing, I couldn't really identify with where it was going. So I decided I wanted to try something new, and challenge myself with creating a product and a brand that people will enjoy and could identify with. I finally quit banking this past June, and went straight into Evencki, so have been very busy creating new networks and getting to know the textile industry.

Evencki Pillowcases

What are the main style components that make up your bedroom ?

I keep my bedroom very simple and elegant, and I would even say it has a rather minimalist design. It has no electronics in it, and I also try to stay away from anything that is plastic, so I have a wooden bed, a comfortable arm chair with white upholstery (sort of Danish design), and also a small piece by USM. The bed linen is, of course, white, and has a set of oxford-style pillows, which I think complete any style.

I don’t clutter it with anything unnecessary. I've always been a great fan of space, and my bedroom is a representation of that. For some people it might look empty, but for me it is a great retreat, place dedicated only to sleep.

And lastly, how did you come up with the name Evencki?

It doesn't actually have any meaning, and there isn't even a cool story behind it. I did spend lots of time thinking about it, and in the end, I wanted to have a simple name didn't have connections with anything. I want my slogan, 'bespoke bedroom identity', on the other hand, to trigger people’s thinking. I want them to think that at Evencki, we help make bedrooms the tranquil retreats our customers want, and that our attention to detail takes every aspect of personality into consideration.

For more information on Evencki, click here.

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