In Love, Society Sets Up Men For Trouble

Power Of Women Gabriella Fabbri

So says a rather no-holds-barred article on, a site that will never deliver it to you nicely, or without a sh*tload of expletives. But it's an article worth skimming through and taking with a grain (or five) of salt.

The premise is as that some men feel shafted by womanhood for these five reasons:

  1. We were told that society owed us a hot girl.
  2. We're trained from birth to see you as decoration.
  3. We think you're conspiring with our boners to ruin us.
  4. We feel like manhood was stolen from us at some point.
  5. We feel powerless.

Read the article. And be sure to read the last two paragraphs, which might make the most sense of all.