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Whoa, we might just need to rethink our image of Reader's Digest with their recent article, The Greatest Drinking Establishments in the World.

When it comes to topics we love, we're open to sources. Even if the source is a magazine my grandmother subscribed to when she was, well, old enough to be my grandmother.

So, are these drinking establishments for our grandmothers, or for us?

Entry Number One, the Skyview Bar in Dubai, makes me think it's most definitely for us. I don't think my grandmothers made it beyond Israel.

Two, the Guinness Storehouse, could go either way. They would have visited, but we would have finished the pint.

Number Three, the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station was for them, is now for us, and would be ideal for all of us (if only they were still alive and drinking).

But maybe it's just as well they're not, since Four is Trapper John's in Newfoundland, and most definitely not for them. And now that we think about it, not for us either. (We're not afraid of drinking Screech, but could do without kissing the cod.)

Number Five is Pete's Tavern in New York City. Given that it opened in 1864, this one is definitely for them. And as Ludwig Bemelmans is said to have written Madeline in loco, it's clearly for us (and with our kids in tow, hurrah!).

Six on the list is El Floridita, Cuba. For the Americans among us, sorry. You'll have to visit Floridita in London instead, along with our grandmothers.

Number Seven is Distillerie Les Fils D'Emile Pernot, France. Our grandmothers were way too conservative for absinthe. But we're not. 

We'd like to take our grandmothers to Number Eight, Moet et Chandon, France. We might be regularly consuming the bubbles, but we're not consuming enough of them in Champagne.

Our grandmothers would have loved Weihenstephan Brewery, Germany, ninth on the list. And so would their grandmothers before them, and their grandmothers before them...(It opened in 1014, so you get the idea.) We'd like to go, too.

Number 10, the Gekkeikan Sake Museum, is sadly for neither of us. Sushi became an everyday food after they were gone, and though we love it, we don't love sake. You'll find us at the Campbell Apartment instead.

So, ready to subscribe to Reader's Digest? No, neither are we. But we still into the list.