The Earth By Night

Knate Myers Video

If you can get past the cheesy music, this time-lapse video of the earth from the International Space Station is pretty amazing.

The video was created by a New Mexico photographer named Knate Myers, who also put together this video of the Southwest Skies (which has an amazing scene of the night sky rising and setting at :15).

The video from the Space Station was compiled using footage taken by NASA, and until about 1:20, it's just a slick blur of a spinning sphere with coloured lights, and images of the heavens and the windows of the space station. (Which I guess is pretty cool. I mean, have I ever been in a space station? No, I have not. It's cool - stop being so jaded.)

But things get really interesting around 1:20, when you can actually start to process what you're looking at - snow covered continents and the lights of cities.

The aurora borealis show up right after that, and by 2:15, you can see it hovering over larger parts of the world. It appears again at 3:20 looking truly sci-fi and spooky.

But the music.

May we recommend you watch the video without sound. Although if you're feeling jaded by our high-tech world, the soundtrack might just help you appreciate the magnificence of what you're seeing.