Move Over Cupcake

Whoopie Pie Arnold Gatilao

The Whoopie Pie is here.

Actually, Whoopie Pies have been here since the early 20th century, and were invented by the Amish. (For those needing a refresher, the Amish belong to a group of Christian church fellowships that adopt very plain clothing, shun modern conveniences like cars, televisions and telephones, and live simply.)

Three states claim ownership to the cookie/cake cream-filled treat (New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Maine). Maine has gone as far as to claim it their official state treat.

Now they're becoming the latest darling of the dessert world. In fact, I'm serving them at a dinner party tomorrow night.

If you're having trouble finding one in your hood, here are a few recipes to try.

The first is from scratch, for the purists: Whoopie Pies from

The second uses a cake mix box, so takes the least amount of time: Whoopie Pies from

The third has a celebrity chef connection, which could be a good or a bad thing: Whoopie Pies from

Apparently, the Amish women would make them for their farmer husbands' lunch pails, and when they uncovered them, they'd yell, "Whoopie!"

I get it. Every time I unwrap one, that's what I want to yell.