Traditional Networking Doesn't Work Anymore When It Comes To Finding A New Job

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Out of work, or looking for a career change ? Then simply call up your contacts (or your contact's contacts) and all will be fine. Or will it ?

No, it won't. At least that's according to research conducted on behalf of new social recruitment website Jobvidi.

'Networking in the traditional sense just isn't as effective anymore', says Jobvidi CEO James Brookner. 'Firstly, in these challenging times, many of the guys with all the so-called contacts are out there looking for jobs themselves, and the last thing that they need right now is to be inundated with requests from networkers anxious to squeeze their little black books dry!'.

'And people are more selfish these days', Brookner continued, 'They are less likely to share their contact list with everyone who asks. Finding a job is no longer about reaching out in desperation to every individual you might once have met briefly at a social event or work conference. It's now about focus, and increasingly about using social media (a much more modern form of networking) to reach out and connect with significantly more people who have a real incentive in assisting you with your job search - recruitment consultants and direct hiring firms'.

Jobvidi, the website that claims to change the way people look for jobs, launched earlier this month to much fanfare and sought the views of over 1,600 candidates to find out how they go about finding new job opportunities. Only 1.7% of respondents said that used traditional networking as their main tool in their job search.

An astonishing 54.3% of respondents said that they now mainly use social networking websites in their search (79.3% of these use Linkedin, 8.1% Twitter and 6.3% Facebook).

21.3% said that they use traditional job boards and mainly rely on online applications.

Only 13.6% indicated that their job search primarily involved meeting face-to-face with a recruitment consultant and leaving the rest to him / her.

6.7% said that their focus was on approaching companies directly, or applying to company-run ads only.

And 2.4% said that they primarily applied to jobs which appeared in the print media.

'Using social media, and websites like JobVidi, allows candidates literally to 'spread the net' much more widely', said Brookner. 'It is by far the most effective medium for finding a new job these days, and recruiters and direct hiring firms now mostly all have strategies to engage with potential jobseekers via social media, and are able to quickly attract a diverse group of people in a relatively inexpensive way. Little black books and a rolladex have been consigned to history when it comes to finding a new job'.

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