Move Over, Restoration Hardware

747 Cowling Bar

This furniture is made from real airplanes.

We have a love/hate relationship with Restoration Hardware. We love what they sell, but hate that it's all fake. We'll take any of the styles, from any of the eras, provided it's the real thing.

And while in reality we will probably never buy anything from Moto Art, we really love that their pieces are made from real airplanes. (We're also appreciating the modern-day Vargas girls who pose with the furniture. No doubt Richard Branson works on his pin-up-decked airliners from a desk from Moto Art.)

To start, here's the DC-9 T Stabilizer Wing Desk. We'll put it our airy home office and lose the jacket.

DC 9 Airplane Desk

Moving on through the day, we head to the Bowing 747 Cowling Bar. We'd skip the bar stools, turn it into a kitchen island, and invite all our friends over.

747 Cowling Bar

Naturally, we'd end our day in the Mile High Bed, made from two DC-9 rear stabilizers and a C-130 inner flap. Ours would definitely have white, ironed sheets.

Mile High Bed

So what will we really do? Probably order a fuselage picture frame.