12 Resigning Big Bank CEOs

Showing You The Door

Here's a note of 12 big bank CEOs who carried the can when things went wrong at their firms and resigned. Some went of their own accord, others were pushed.

Jimmy Cayne - Bear Stearns (2008 - subprime losses)

Bob Diamond - Barclays (2012 - interest-rate rigging)

Dick Fuld - Lehman Brothers (2008 - bankruptcy)

Fred Goodwin - The Royal Bank of Scotland (2008 - subprime losses, UK government bailout)

Oswald Gruebel - UBS (2011 - rogue trading scandal)

Ken Lewis - Bank of America (2009 - Countrywide losses, Merrill Lynch bonuses, U.S. government bailout)

Stan O'Neal - Merrill Lynch (2007 - subprime losses)

Chuck Prince - Citigroup (2007 - subprime losses, compliance scandals)

Philip Purcell - Morgan Stanley (2005 - ironically because of a public campaign against him for refusing to take on more risk, and enter the U.S. subprime market)

Ken Thompson - Wachovia (2008 - subprime losses)

Kenichi Watanabe - Nomura (2012 - insider trading scandal)

Peter Wuffli - UBS (2007 - subprime losses)


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