Mile High Club Membership

Playboy Virgin Galactic

Q: Is it cheating if you pay for a charter flight that takes you up 5,280 feet so you can have sex? (A: No, it's only cheating if you go up with someone other than your partner.)

Actually, yes, it's cheating. True mile-highers took risks, lurked surreptitiously in dark airplane corners, and waited until just the right moment to sprint into a tiny, dirty box. (That or they were loaded enough to think it would be dark enough on an overnight flight, and that no one would notice them under the blanket.)

For those who are unwilling to risk embarrassment, there are charter flights, usually with a VERY DISCREET PILOT. They are ones in Cincinnati, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Gloustershire, UK. Atlanta, Georgia and Key West, Florida used to be home to popular ones, but at

But once you pass a certain age, there's only one way to join the mile high club. It's in the first class cabin on Emirates A380 flights, which features private cabins with double beds. But watch out: the cabins aren't sound-proofed.

Not surprisingly, Playboy is upping the ante, and in a recent issue, outlined a space station that would put people 240 miles up. They worked with Virgin Galactic and NASA on the design, so who knows. The mile high club could get even more interesting in the future.