The One

Old Couple

Eventually, everyone searches for the One. Initially this was a quest reserved for men. Now women are in on the game.

TV shows like Sex and the City chronicle the never-ending search for the one. Fairy tales tell us there’s a prince who will come and rescue us from our ivory towers, which is not always true. But Kate and William's wedding reminds us that this still does happen, and it is possible for other girls out there.

Then there are the modern fairy tales where the princess sets out to rescue the Prince. Although this is not always true, it sent me straight into the market with an inner confidence that had grown over time. The one is always out there.

There certainly are heart-warming stories about how people have found their mythical one, the first being my brother, who has just become engaged. She was the one girl he fell in love with at university, and he waited four years until she split up with her ex. Then he asked her out, and now they are engaged after two years. He is 28.

The second story is about a couple of friends from work who kept their relationship quiet. They found each other in their mid-30s, and he already had two children from his first marriage. Now they are married and have just had their first child.

The last story is of two friends who never thought they would find love, and are getting married to each other this December. She had been through an eventful dating life, and he was not the best guy at working on relationships. Both had unsuccessfully tried online dating, and were introduced on a whim by a friend. He blew her away on their first date, and she realised he was the one. With a little help from his friends, his eyes were also opened. They value having fun and spending time together equally, are both sporty and love partying, and are involved in all aspects of each others' lives. They match. They work hard on their relationship, and have been in a successful partnership since.

But the search for the one can also end in heartbreak. Two friends recently lost the loves of their lives when they parted ways after eight years together.

Many of my friends are still on their quest for the one. They're not sure if they'll know when they find that person, so they continue searching. It could be instantaneous or it could take a bit of time, but when they do find the one, something inside of them will move and they'll just know. And the search will have been worth it!

Let's hope it's a long, hot summer for happy hunting.