11 qualities you need to become a partner at Goldman Sachs

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It's Goldman partner time.

'We just made ninety people partners', Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein said a few years back, 'And caused real distress for three hundred very capable people, which will lead to one-third of these people deciding they just cannot stay and have to leave the firm in a year or so.

'Another third will hope to make partner next time - in two years - and if they don't make it, they'll decide to leave or will be recruited away. The rest will adjust to reality and decide to stay'.

So, what qualities / attributes do you need make the grade and become a Goldman Partner ?

Here's our take:

You must

1. Be highly motivated to achieve

2. Have a strong ethical outlook

3. Have the ability to fit in and be a team player

4. Be prepared to work very hard

5. Be happy to put the firm before anything / anyone else

6. Be smart or streetwise (ideally both)

7. Have a strong entrepreneurial bent

8. Have built up a solid track record of achievement at the firm

9. Enjoy the respect of your peers

10. Be a strong role model for all the firm's stakeholders

11. Be patient - not everyone makes the cut first time around 

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