Playsuit Parlour for a Perfect Party

Playsuit Parlour 1

Playsuit Parlour is a little label that works perfectly for partying at summer festivals.

As there are a few of these festivals yet to come this summer, you need to know about the array of outfits available from one of the sauciest and silkiest labels on the market.

Playsuit Parlour 1

I had a charming conversation with the designer in question. The look that has emerged in her line is both sensual and sweet; all of her creations are made of pure silk. Her dress line is a mixture of English and Asian in style, with soft greens and strong reds to contrast and cause a stir. The pallet of colour changes as per season and style; the showgirl style is the summer season's steal, and the spring choices were more subtle and classical. Found on ASOS Marketplace for a mere 65-80, they're a bargain, too.

Playsuit Parlour 3

Babs has been fabulous through festivals for a number of years now, making playsuits out of vintage fabrics, and designing and crafting the playsuits by hand. Her work developed through travelling, meeting with multitudes of people who have helped inspire her, and visiting different countries around the world, including India, where her designs are now produced.

Recycled vintage saris were the initial starting point for her ideas. She has since developed this into a full label, and stocks summer festivals, including the Secret Garden Party and Camp Bestival, with her seductive designs.

So ladies and lads, get partying like a bunch of animals. The summer season is here, and there are plenty festivals, beach, pools and roof gardens. And now you know just what to wear.

Playsuit Parlour 2

Playsuit Parlour can be purchased from ASOS marketplace.

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