Mary Kantratzou and Longchamp

MK Longchamp Classic

We were going to pop Mary Kantratzou's bags for Longchamp on our Top 5 list, but they're so pretty, we felt they deserved an article of their own.

The collection consists of seven bags. Our favourite is an explosion of Chinese lanterns in a garden of psychedelia. (And there's probably more going on that we can't see.)

MK Longchamp 1

The second 'proper' handbag makes us think of a hand-painted ceiling, but more the ceiling of the downstairs bar at the Hard Rock in Hyde Park than the Sistine Chapel.

MK Longchamp 2

The last part of the collection is made up of lanterns on four sizes of the classic Longchamp tote. There's also a very reasonably priced cosmetic bag in this style which could easily accompany you on the town one summer evening.

MK Longchamp Classic

Yes, the cosmetic bag is the way to go. We, too, deserve one of our own.