Car Colour Craziness

Car Icon 4 Svilen Milev

It seemed like everyone we knew in London had silver cars, and so did we. Now that I live in Toronto, I see the colour of choice is black. Nearly every luxury car and SUV on the road is black, and somehow, so is ours. But white is taking over. Do we have Apple to thank for this, too?

As it turns out, silver has always been the most popular car colour, with black a close second, but these days, white and white pearl are trending up. White is seen as being a lot of things: clean and luxurious, minimalist (perhaps reflecting the economy), eco-friendly, the colour of future technology. (See? We knew there was an Apple thing going on.)

The 2011 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report broke the most popular colours out by country:

North America
White and white pearl are most popular, then black and silver

The most popular colour for luxury cars is black, with white growing in popularity

Black, then silver and white (and oddly enough, green has a significant presence)

China and South Korea
Silver has the lead

White and white pearl, then black (which recently took the second spot from silver)

South America and Brazil
Silver, then black

South Africa
White and white pearl (and theirs is the highest presence in the world, with 40% of new cars being sold in those colours), then silver

So just do it. Buy your car to match your iPhone. Just make sure it has a built-in dock.