Life In A Bubble

Cristal Bubble

More permanent than a regular tent, but still temporary, these bubble rooms are exactly what you want in the far reaches of your property. (Your property outside London, that is.)

You can hang out in then, sleep in them, eat in them, watch the sun go down in them, watch the sun go up in them. You can't really hide out in them, though, since they're mostly transparent, and in the case of the Cristal Bubble, totally transparent:

Cristal Bubble

This shot we're just throwing in because the setting couldn't be more amazing for lying down in your bubble tent bed and watching the world above you.

Bubble Tree Mountain Tent

And this one gives you a bit more information about what the situation is inside.

Bubble Tree Beach

The tents start at around £6,000, so they're a small investment. But you can try them out first by spending the night in a Bubble Tree Hotel, located in various spots around the tent's home in France. And from there, you can opt to go up to the Bubble Lodge, which has room for a second room (or a loo). Or just chalk it up to a good idea that finally made you consider sleeping with nature.

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