Top Firm Banker Really Screws Up

I Love You

Some folks never learn - it's a bit silly to fall in love with someone you have to pay to get 'intimate' with.

So this guy, who says he works for a 'big name investment bank in New York', has written in about his experience with someone he met through a 'dating' site.

Although married (with two children), he says he says that he sees nothing wrong with 'paying a younger, beautiful girl to sleep with me'.

Anyway, he discovered a 'sugar daddy' dating site, met a girl, started spending $4,000 a month on her - and fell in love.

Of course, it all ended in tears - his tears. But now he has recovered and has apparently learned his lesson - he now only spends $400 - $600 a night on girls (depending on their 'hotness'), and claims he's getting all the action he needs. It's pretty sad. Pathetic even.

To read the full story hit the link immediately below:

Why This Married Wall Street Banker Pays For Sex

image: © lonelypluto911

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