The Day After the Fools

Liberty Bell

It's easy to miss the action when April Fools Day falls on a Sunday. So in case you missed the fun of yesterday, we bring you a selection of some of the best jokes in history. This should get you through the morning.

The Huffington Post delivers 10 of the best in a video here, and reminds us of when, in 1996, Taco Bell bought an ad saying they'd bought the Liberty Bell and were renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. The White House Press Secretary, Mike McCurry, then answered questions from the press that additionally, the Lincoln Memorial was being sold to Ford, and would be called the Lincoln-Mercury Memorial. And we somehow missed the Left-Handed Whopper (#7). Very funny.

Should a photo gallery suit you better, here's their article from last year. It includes NPR's 1992 announcement that Nixon would be seeking re-election, and Tesco's genetically modified carrots, which reportedly came with air holes so they'd whistle when cooked.

Time's collection from last year includes a lot of the same ones, including YouTube's hilarious linking of all videos to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up in 2008. Hilarious. They also cover a totally mean joke played by CollegeHumour, which faux-advertised In-n-Out burgers "Coming Soon" to NYC (2010). (It's not as mean as the ones played by Saddam Hussein each year, though, ugh.)

And in case you want to be the one playing the jokes, this site has an endless supply of ridiculous things you can do to your friends. Next year.