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As the world leader in workforce solutions, Adecco knows what it takes to connect clients with top talent. And with our expertise in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services - we are the best partner for your recruitment needs.

With all the economic challenges and barriers in the world today, companies need to be able to rely on the talent that they have brought into their company to run, lead, and grow their business. Whether you’re an investment bank, a retail bank, an investment advisor, or a small boutique firm, you face the same dilemma – will the talent you're hiring really set your firm apart from the competition or are you settling for only the best out of what's available?

With high unemployment rates and online job boards flooded with resumes, the best talent is not always the available talent. The difficult part is deciphering between what is available on the market versus what your company really needs, which might not be available but can be attracted to your firm with the right recruitment techniques and technologies.

The opportunity to attract the best, yet not-always-available, talent is often the most real measurable benefit in partnering with a global workforce solutions industry leader. Adecco RPO knows what it takes to connect clients with top talent, and our global expertise in Financial Services recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) makes us an ideal partner.

Integrated talent solutions

Finding great talent is a big part of what we do. But it's not everything. We can also manage the entire hiring process or augment it with additional resources. RPO is an excellent approach for activities like:

• Candidate sourcing, screening and assessment

• Recruitment administration

• Market expansions, cyclical and part-time hiring

• On-boarding and offer management

Contact us today. It might just be the first interesting conversation you've had about recruitment in a long time.

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