A Price To Pay - The Inside Story Of The NatWest Three

A Price To Pay Book Cover

By David Bermingham

A Price to Pay tells the true story of how three British bankers came to be transported to Texas to face charges of defrauding their own bank in London, a bank that had never accused them of wrongdoing.

Seen through the eyes of one of the ‘NatWest Three’ who became a cause celebre whilst fighting extradition, it is an astonishing story, and a harrowing cautionary tale on the nightmares of the US criminal justice system.

It is a scathing indictment of the UK’s rotten extradition laws, shovelled through Parliament in 2003 on the back of the ‘War against Terror’, and the cause of untold misery to countless British citizens and their families ever since.

It is a clarion call for law change, and a rebalancing of our unequal relationship with our closest ally, the United States of America. It should be required reading for all politicians, businessmen, and anyone with an interest in civil liberties.

All of the author’s profits from the book will be donated to Liberty and Fair Trials International, in recognition of their continuing fight for change to the UK’s extradition laws.

About the author

Having studied law at Bristol University, David Bermingham spent five years as an officer in the Royal Artillery before becoming a banker in 1989. An otherwise successful career in the City came to an abrupt end in 2002 when he and two colleagues were accused by the US Government of stealing $7 million from their employer, NatWest, in a deal involving the bankrupt US energy giant Enron. That episode, which is the subject of A Price to Pay, would culminate in extradition to Texas, and ultimately a spell in ten different prisons on two continents before his eventual release from custody in early 2010.

Since then, David has been an ardent campaigner for change to the UK’s extradition laws, and has given evidence to two separate Parliamentary Committees on the subject. He continues to give help and guidance to others going through the same nightmare of extradition that he and his two colleagues did, and advice on the best way to limit the damage after extradition, including in repatriation from overseas prisons.

David has frequently appeared on TV and radio, and in the print media. He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and three children.

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