Report- Manning to choose Broncos- so where next for Tim Tebow?

Tebow TD

An NFL source has indicated Peyton Manning is to reject interest from the 49ers to sign with the Denver Broncos tomorrow.

So where does this leave Tim Tebow, the Broncos much talked about quarterback? All indications are he will be traded, so who would take him?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are obvious candidates, given the fact they nearly drafted Tebow in 2010. They are in need of a new quarterback and their new owner has expressed an interest in Tebow, so what's stopping them? 

The Cleveland Browns are yet to make a big play this off-season, despite the drastic need for improvement. If the Browns signed Tebow, they would make the AFC North the toughest in the NFL. Tebow would have to beat the Ravens, an Andy Dalton led Cincinnati Bengals, and the Steelers- who he knocked off in this year's play-offs. Even for a proven winner like Tebow, the Browns may be an impossible job.

Tebow would be an interesting proposition for the Dolphins, who were at one stage thought to be frontrunners for Manning. Miami are looking to improve at QB, and have also been linked with Alex Smith and Matt Flynn. The owners want a star signing to pack the crowds in, and while Tebow may not be everybody's cup of tea, he would do just that and create headlines seen around the world.

The Tennessee Titans were also players in the chase to sign Manning- and will be crossing their fingers he changes his mind. If not, why not go for the next most exciting player? The Titans were lacklustre last year and need to make moves to excite the fans. Tebow would bring wins, and an outside chance of the play-offs. No-one saw it coming at the Broncos last year, so why not the Titans?

Where should Tebow go- should he stay in Denver?

image: © jeffrey beale