Manning for Tebow- Could the Denver Broncos be making a huge mistake?

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

The Broncos should keep Tebow- as cover for Manning, and play him as a Running Back. Allowing him to leave could be a big error.

Tim Tebow took the Broncos from whipping boys to divisional champions last year.

He added to his resume by defeating Ben Roethlisberger's potent Pittsburgh Steelers in the play-offs, thanks to an 80-yard touchdown in overtime.

So what a way to be treated- punted into touch by the management who drafted him and gave him an opportunity.

It's not like Tebow blew his big opportunity, he surpassed all expectations after taking over from Kyle Orton in mid-season, not only that, but he packed the crowds in and bought a buzz to Denver not seen since John Elway.

Peyton Manning is a step up from Tebow, that is inescapable, he is a Superbowl champion, and Tebow is yet to complete a whole season from start to finish.

Tom Brady and the Patriots showed the world that Tebow is a work in progress, and Broncos management may be impatient, but you almost can't blame them for wanting to take a once in a lifetime gamble on Manning.

But that is exactly what it is- a gamble.

How reliable is Manning's fitness?

After missing the entire last season with injury after surgery on his throwing arm, there are no guarantees.

It is one thing demonstrating his fitness in practice, but American Football is an intensely physical sport. Can he last the season once the tough hits and the sacks start coming in?

Only time will tell, but he is far less resilient than a young, healthy, Tim Tebow.

This is why it may be a huge mistake to trade Tebow.

What if Manning gets injured, Tebow has been traded, and the Broncos are left high and dry.

Of course Tebow is an asset, so could be traded for either a defensive lineman to help protect Manning, or for a wide receiver to give him more options to throw to.

The perfect solution? Keep Tebow, and play him as a Running Back.

Many observers believe this is his best position, with reservations over his throwing ability, running the ball is his best asset.

Let him play alongside Manning, learn from him, and take over when the veteran's body can no longer cope in a few years.
Or it may be sooner than that, and Tebow can jump straight back to QB.

There is no shame in being pushed aside for a future Hall-of-Famer, Tebow should stick around in Denver, it may be best all round.

If not, there is a risk it may go horribly wrong for the Broncos, but if he is angry at his treatment, Tebow won't mind that at all.

Do you agree- Should Tebow stay and play alongside Manning?

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