Randy Moss, Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III: NFL round-up

Mark Sanchez

It has been a hectic few days in the NFL, with off-season developments moving at such a rapid pace it is hard to keep up. Fortunately we've got all the news you need to know in one place...

Randy Moss

Ever since the veteran wide receiver announced his intention to return from retirement there has been speculation over with who he will sign. In a crowded free agent market for wide receivers, Moss has to prove his fitness, and show he is worth taking a chance on in the short-term. We speculated earlier this month that he could roll up at the Denver Broncos, but the former Patriots star has other plans. He had a try out at the New Orleans Saints last week, but no progress has been made with regards to a deal, with cynics speculating it was purely a way for the Saints to deflect headlines from 'bounty-gate.' Now the latest is that Moss is undergoing a workout with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers had most success at tight-end and running the ball last year, so it makes sense they are looking at receivers, is Moss the man? If he is fit enough, and can show he still has the talent and does not drive too hard a deal, this could be one that works out.

Tim Tebow

It has been a quiet month for 'Tebowmania', save for a few ridiculous reports linking the eligible bachelor with singers Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. However there was shock at the Broncos, when in the wake of Peyton Manning's release by the Colts, the franchise said they were interested in holding talks with the 2006 Superbowl winner. How could Manning fit in at the Broncos? Well he could teach Tebow a few things that's for sure, but how long would the paying crowds be willing to turn up with their hero on the sidelines? Would he himself move on? Fortunately for Tebowmaniacs it looks at this point as if the move for Manning is in limbo, and the Broncos may wellbe sticking with their poster boy next season.

Mark Sanchez

The rumour with the most momentum in the wake of Manning's release was talk of a move to the New York Jets. This has been shot down after the Jets offered quarterback Mark Sanchez a new contract. Sanchez had a really disappointing season last year, his third with the Jets, and one where he really hoped to step up. They failed to make the play-offs and Sanchez appeared to go backwards, and many fans believe he is not the man to take them forward. With Peyton's brother Eli basking in the Giants Superbowl success, there is huge pressure on Sanchez and the Jets to re-establish themselves as a force capable of challenging their cross-city rivals.

Peyton Manning

So with all the talk of Manning, where is he actually going? The contenders at this point seem to have been narrowed down to three, with main players the Miami Dolphins and the Arizona Cardinals. Manning was last reported to be on his way to the desert to hold talks with the Cardinals, while the Dolphins are continuing their pursuit of the star. The Tennessee Titans are also believed to want in, and may have an edge with Manning playing college football in Tennessee. At the moment though they remain outsiders, as late entrants to the race, while Seattle have gone quiet, the Jets and Redskins are out, and the Seahawks have gone quiet. The Broncos remain outsiders, but we predict he will end up in either Miami or Arizona.

Robert Griffin III

All the Manning talk has distracted from the biggest development of the NFL off-season. On Friday night it was reported that the St Louis Rams have agreed to trade their no.2 draft pick for the Washington Redskins no.6, also acquiring second and third round picks. With no.1 target Andrew Luck a reported done deal for Indianapolis, RGIII is the next top quarterback available, but the Rams are happy with their young QB Sam Bradford, the first overall pick of the 2010 draft. The Redskins need a new QB, so they have seemingly secured RGIII. Whether the Redskins have a great team for the young star to work with is another matter, but he will at least hope to emulate Andy Dalton's success with the Bengals last year and show why he is so highly rated.

image: © Ed Yourdon