Peyton Manning to sign for Miami Dolphins?

Miami Dolphins

He will be if a select group of Dolphins fans have anything to do with it, but the Indianapolis Colts quarterback's future is still up in the air.

A 'Manning to Miami' campaign has got underway, with billboard posters up in Florida to boost support for the movement.

Is it premature? Perhaps, it is still unclear if the elite quarterback is even ready to play NFL football again after his season at the Colts was wiped out through injury.

He has a doctor's clearance but it is quite a jump from getting a sign-off to being prepared for the rough and tumble of American Football.

The Colts have a number one draft pick and are likely to pick a star of the future, meaning Manning and his lucrative contract could be cut adrift.

So a Manning to Miami website has been created by Dolphins fans, even selling t-shirts with the slogan.

Here is the manifesto from the fans...

"Make History, Bring Peyton Manning to Miami.

"How many wins is Manning worth? When's the last time we the fans have had an "impact" quarterback? What about the most cerebral quarterback of all time?

"Get behind this movement and let your vote be your voice and make a difference!

"By filling out this form you are casting a vote to bring Manning to Miami and a list of names will be presented to the Miami Dolphins and representatives of Peyton Manning."

Will it take off? The Colts have until March 8 to renew his contract, if that day passes, Manning, 35, becomes a free agent.

He has also been linked with a move to the Tennessee Titans, but at the moment it is the Dolphins fans pulling out all the stops.

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