WAGS of Super Bowl Sunday

Bridget Moynahan

It was Urban Daddy who brought this subject to our attention. (Of course.) But they're not alone in celebrating the super babes of Super Bowl Sunday.

Here's the recap, so you can best use the next five minutes.

Urban Daddy

A slideshow of seven lookers (one featured twice - any guesses?), and two who are granddaughters of Giant's founders. (We certainly didn't know about them.) They win for a small, high-quality collection.


Not a lot of pictures, and some of them are kind of low-rent. They lose.


Wins points for facilitating a quick-scroll through a lot of pictures, some of good quality, but things deteriorate by the end of the article. Who are these chicks?


A late entry which gets points for the TEXT. Who'd a thunk it?

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