The Return of Kate Spade

Kate Spade City Lights

Some of you might ask: Did she ever leave? Others might say: Really, it's me who's moved on. But after being Customer #112 (number is approximate), I've rediscovered her.

When her accessories first appeared in Nordstrom in Washington, DC sometime around 1996, my friend and I were in line. Two bags and two wallets later, we were at the forefront. Then everyone joined us. We moved on.

But about a week ago, I decided to update my key fob, which has a small zip pouch for a credit card and a few coins. I'd been carrying a cute and practical Gwen Stefani for LeSport Sac number for too many years, and it was time to move on. I went on her site, and that's when I found this.

Kate Spade City Lights

Is this bag not gorgeous? And it was on sale for a mere $105.

A few days later, one of my best friends called me up to tell me she picked up these for me at the outlet near her home in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kate Spade Earmuffs

A few days after that, I rolled into Manchester, Vermont for a little outlet shopping, and found this:

Kate Spade Alpine Hills Bon Shopper

Is this bag not the perfect, down-filled solution to keep your goods warm this winter? (Or at least go with your down coat?)

Kate, I'm sorry we left you. And we thank you for the great deals!