Christmas for Kids

Owl Nightlight From White Rabbit England

Shopping for the kids in your life can be even more gratifying than shopping for yourself. You just have to keep away from Hamley's. And when the items are as fabulous as these, you can be sure that everyone will come away happy. We suggest by age group, and suggest you get busy.


Let's be real. At this point, you're buying for the parents as much as for the baby. So how about a gorgeous (and cool) baby blanket ($45) or tiny, take-everywhere lovey blanket ($20) from AO Handmade, a small North Carolina operation with really good taste. You can be sure the lucky recipient won't have seen a blanket like this before.

AO Handmade's Lovey


Oliver Jeffers new book, Stuck (£5.24), is out, and apparently it's as good as anything he has ever done. (Really? As good as Lost & Found or How to Catch a Star?) Apparently we have yet to read it, although we just ordered it for our toddler.

If you can't get away with a gift for a fiver, pair it with one of the most gorgeous nightlights we've ever seen; an owl lamp made by White Rabbit England (£59). The glowing owl fills us with warmth and happiness, and isn't that what Christmas gifts are all about? (Good news for you Americans - they have a small stock in the US. And since we're here, we think this nightlight would be great for anyone under the age of 10, and most definitely for our kids.)

Owl Nightlight From White Rabbit England


Display your cultured side by giving the MoMA Color-Play Coloring Book (£9.89), and throw in a good set of crayons, pencils or (washable, please!) markers to show your practical side.

Ages 5-10

For almost any girl, and many boys, you won't go wrong with a Buddha Board (£22.99). They use water to 'paint' with the brush, and as the water evaporates, the painting fades, and the board is ready to be used again. Plus it's very now, in keeping with the idea of living in the moment. If you have a more technical boy, Lego makes it easy with appropriate ages right there on the box, and as long as you have a general idea what he's into (Star Wars, space, etc.), you can find something he'll probably love.

Buddha Board

Ages 10-15

Cash please and thank you. Maybe accompanied by a few books from your early teenage years, like the Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander (£17.41), or The Wrinkle in Time Quintet Box Set, by Madeline L'Engle (£23.09).

Ages 15+

The rest of the world may be falling apart, but the vault doors at Tiffany are wide open and the masses are streaming through. So just keep it simple and buy her something from their silver floor. Like this Cupcake charm and chain (£245). No teenage girl would sniff at that. If you're buying for a boy, keep it even simpler and get him a gift card. Or a longboard with a gift receipt.

Tiffany Cupcake Charm