Gifts From Scratch

Cutting Board From Bitboard Ch

This is the year to (more or less) design Christmas gifts yourself (and then have someone else make them). And with a great site in the US ( and a great site in the UK (Not On The High, it's easy, reasonable and gratifying (for everyone).

To get you started, we pick a random assortment of things we like (some of which we have even ordered).

We ordered a cutting board in the shape of Montana for our step-brother, who got married there last summer.

If there are a number of spots around the world you'd like to commemorate, check out Bombus' shop on Not On The High Street. She finds vintage maps, cuts hearts around the cities you select, and delivers them mounted and framed. It's adorable.

This is for the cool tech-heads. You design the cutting board (or pick one of their video-game inspired 13x10 pixel images) and they make the board for you. (Get your German colleague to help you with the translation.)

This one isn't so much design-it-yourself as pick-the-design-you-like-and-add-the-words, but the end result is the same. A cool tray that says whatever you want on it.

Your mom would love this family tree. Trust us.

Your wife would like this family-house-picture for her laundry room. Trust us.

Your kids would dig these bags (which you could then fill with stuff). Trust us.

Your sister would like these candy jars. We think.


At any rate, there are about 5,823,591 items to look at on these sites, so start now, before you need overnight shipping.