The Grateful Hangover

The Last Drop

I occasionally have a hangover that makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and appreciative of everything I have in life. What's the deal with that? Don't get me wrong, I'm always grateful when I have one. But it's strange.

A few weeks ago I had one, and couldn't stop telling my friend how glad I was we were friends. (Fortunately she didn't dump me for being a weird friend.)

Today I have one, and it's making me uber-patient and loving with my children who are most definitely at an insane age (18m and 3.5). In fact, these hangovers are so good that I could almost be convinced to drink too much every night in the hopes I would get one. (Who needs anti-depressants?)

I wondered: am I alone in this phenomenon?

A Google search tells me a few things:

  • Mike Tyson is grateful he was asked to return for The Hangover 2
  • Someone is grateful they saw the The Hangover
  • Some people are grateful they don't have a hangover
  • Other people are grateful for something that helped their hangover
  • The Grateful Dead is good hangover music (allegedly)

But no one seems to be waxing poetic about grateful hangovers. There is a lot about a hangover pill coming onto the market, though, and I don't need to tell you that would make a LOT of hungover people grateful. The FDA has just approved it, and it will hit the market in January. Single doses will sell for $2.99, and a six-pack will cost $11.99, and it contains 1000mg of asprin and 120mg of caffeine in two effervescent tablets. *

Most excellent! But what if it lowers my abnormal level of gratitude? Then I would be most ungrateful.


* Blowfish, the hangover cure, is currently giving away free samples on their site. Just one more thing for which to be grateful.