Travel to Escape a Broken Heart

Caribbean 3 Crissie Hardy

Companies put all sorts of craziness out there to get publicity. And in this case, it worked. Thanks, Virgin Atlantic.

New research (no, they did not poll flight attendants, they queried real passengers on their flying habits) has shown that nearly 10% of all long haul flight passengers are jetting off to repair a broken heart.

The top location for the poor sods in summer is St Lucia. Somehow, that is the destination for more than 60% of them. Next up is Antigua, then Jamaica, and then Las Vegas. (Really? Vegas is last?)

In winter, they head to Sydney, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Miami, and then Barbados.

As the spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic (yes we're going to say it again) said (and we can't believe we're going so far as to include this, but we actually agree with the statement): “As well as putting as much distance between themselves and their former partner, many regard long haul travel as a sign of defiance. Jetting off on a luxury break is a great way to show an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that you have, quite literally, moved on”. (No doubt that person's major was Psychology.)

And now, the good news: more than 28% find love! And out of those, 7% actually end up in a long-term relationship.

So maybe the real takeaway for this article is (not that we are short on content but) that those on the pull should head to the aforementioned destinations. With tissues and tequila in hand.