15 common causes of anger at the office

Cigarette Butt Vivek Chugh

Here's a note of 15 common causes of anger at the office.

1. Bad management 
(practices and behaviour)

2. Unjust treatment (often around feelings that another employee is doing the same job and getting more money)

3. Lack of career opportunities

4. Not being appreciated 
or commended for good work.

5. Excessive workloads

6. IT problems

7. Bureaucracy - unnecessary rules and regulations

8. Incompetence of work colleagues 

9. Personal hygiene of co-workers

10. Line managers on a power trip

11. Favoritism of one employee over another

12. Unpaid overtime

13. Colleagues who keep sneaking out of the office to have cigarette breaks

14. Colleagues not being more careful / considerate when they use the office toilets

15. Flatulence

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