9 Ways One Firm Allegedly Pushed An Employee Close To The Edge

Depression, Suicide

The following is a list of real life allegations one employee of a top global firm has detailed in a recent claim for constructive dismissal, based on the firm's alleged failure to support him / her during, and after, an episode of work-related anxiety and depression.

1. Failure to support him / her during and after a prolonged absence from work due to depression - no contact from HR or any other part of the firm, which allegedly didn't even bother to seek a return to work certificate.

2. Telling people who recently returned to work after suffering from depression that they will not receive a market adjustment as 'we don't know if you'll still be around in the future, and you might be off sick again'.

3. Advised that his / her manager (MD level) was allegedly drunk during his / her last Director nomination / decisioning process.

4. MD's bragging about the size of their bonuses to peers / more junior associates.

5. Being asked to collude in a strategy to remove a 'disliked' colleague by way of deception.

6. Having to accept aggressive behaviour from an all male management team - by their own admission, the attitude and style of the team would not suit a female.

7. Operating with a senior management team that had a blatant / overt distrust and hatred for each other.

8. Upon returning to work after a bout of anxiety & depression, he / her was moved around from job to job and forced to take on more and more work. The manager at the time told him / her that he / she had one of the most stressful jobs in the firm.

9. He / she was given clear verbal and written feedback in a year-end appraisal regarding his / her strong performance and MD potential - then had his / her performance questioned when he / she commenced a claim against the firm.

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