'Friends' Reunited - Recruiter Hits Out As 'Ungrateful & Arrogant' Bankers Come Flooding Back

Lizard Friends

Be careful who you snub on the way up, they say - as you never know when you might need them on the way back down.

Here's something sent in by one of our recruitment consultant readers:

'I've always tried to act in a professional manner when it comes to dealing with candidates, but it's not always easy when your work involves placing bankers.

First off, they are invariably offish when you call them up and try to tempt them away with promises of untold riches (although I guess you can hardly blame them when, during the boom times, they are probably fielding 6/7 similar calls from strangers every week).

Then, if you do manage to get them to agree to meet, it's always at some ungodly hour of the morning, or some unseemly hour of the early evening, when I'd frankly be doing something else.

We then get all the usual nonsense about how they aren't really looking for a job, but they then tell you that they have recently updated their CV as they are busy interviewing with most every bank around that's hiring.

And, of course, you are their 'best mate' when you find them that 'dream job', as they constantly bombard you with emails and telephone calls to find out how things are progressing, trying to find out if there is any feeback, or progress on making an offer. And they always take you up on your offer of a long boozy (and expensive) lunch to celebrate their good fortune.

But that's where it usually ends. They might take your call a month or so after they start, as you check up on them to make sure that they are doing OK (don't want to have to refund a fee now, do we ?). And that's when the 'relationship' often fizzles out. In fact, call them up a few months later, and they probably won't remember who you are - and many of them won't even recall the name of the recruitment firm that placed them after 12 months or so.

Unless, of course, the market turns down, and they are worried about being laid-off. Then they are back in contact, and want to be your new best buddy. And that's where we are right now, with a lot of ungrateful and arrogant bankers polishing up ther CVs and busy re-establishing contact with their long-lost 'friends'.

I'd like to tell the lot of them to take a hike. But I won't, of course, as times are hard for me too, and they might just be placeable - even in this market. In truth, I guess I'm no better then they are. Perhaps we deserve each other'.

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