Bank Of America & Warren Buffett - What The Smart Money Says

Warren Buffett

So Warren Buffet dreamed up his $5bn investment in Bank of America in the bath tube, and made a cool $280m paper profit on the first day.

But what does the smart money think about our Warren's investment ?

Here goes:

'You don't really know what goes into it, but Warren Buffett just made this kosher by putting his stamp on it'.

Vitaliy Katsenelson, CIO, Investment Management Associates (The Financial Times)

'This proves to the market that if the bank needs additional capital, which we don't believe they do, but if they needed to calm the market by raising capital, they could do it within 30 minutes with a quick call to Uncle Warren'.

Sean Egan, Managing Principal, Egan-Jones Ratings (Reuters)

'It's Warren Buffett. That's how he works. This is the price Bank of America pays to have Warren Buffett on this year's Christmas Card'.

Robert Chapman, founder of hedge fund Chapman Capital (Bloomberg)

'This is a vote of confidence by a savvy investor. (But) we've got some work to do, we understand that. He understands that'.

Chad Holiday, Chairman, Bank of America (The Wall Street Journal)

'This deal is a big win-win for both companies. It's a smart way for Buffett to put some of Berkshire's nearly $50bn cash hoard - which is currently earning next to nothing - to work, and the warrants should prove especially lucrative'.

Whitney Tilson, T2 Partners (The Financial Times)

'He could well make a 100% return on his investment in a few years. It's amazing how much a little hug from Buffett is worth these days'.

James Armstrong, Henry H. Armstrong Associates (Reuters)

'It's a sign of weakness. (Bank of America CEO Brian) Moynihan didn't say: 'You know what, Warren ? I really appreciate the call. You're a wonderful guy, love to have you as a shareholder. You're welcome to buy our stock just like everyone else''.

Author and investor Jeff Matthews (Bloomberg)

'It seems like Moynihan paid up just to get the headline that Buffett was investing. It's better than nothing, but it's not to me a rousing endorsement'.

Peter Tchir, founder of hedge fund TF Market Advisors (Bloomberg)


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