The Devil's Double [REVIEW]

Dominic Cooper In The Devil's Double

He was the son of a Middle Eastern dictator and crazy. Not fun crazy, but dangerous crazy. He would pick up young girls off the street and have his way with them. He wore flashy clothes, drove flashy cars, and wore very expensive watches. He was above the law in his country. And to top it all off, he had a body double.

Uday Hussein was the oldest son of Saddam Hussein. Having a father who was the dictator for life in Iraq, Uday figured he could get away with anything. He used his status as Saddam's son to graduate at the top of his class at the College of Engineering in Baghdad. A few years later at a party, he murdered his father's personal valet/food taster for introducing a young woman to his father, who was still married to his mother.

Uday thought that every woman in Iraq was his, regardless of whether they were married or not. Several times he kidnapped woman (and young girls), took them back to his palace, raped them, and either left them to be or had his minders kill them. Or they would kill themselves for being disgraced.

It was known in Iraq that Uday was crazy. Even his security guards and personal staff knew this, though they were all too afraid to confront him for fear they would be killed. Enter the body double.

Latif Yahia was unlucky enough to look like Uday. Latif was in the Iraqi army when he was whisked to Uday's palace and asked to be Uday's body double. Actually, asked is not the best word. He was ordered to be Uday's body double, and had no other choice. So with a little plastic and dental surgery and the right clothes and hairstyle, Latif was made to look exactly like Uday. The reason for a body double? Uday's father, Saddam Hussein, had a body double, so Uday felt he needed one as well.

After learning how to speak and act like him, Latif posed in public as Uday, gave speeches as Uday, and eventually took a bullet as Uday in an assasination attempt. And Uday went on about his life being Uday, driving fast cars around town, spending time at the discos with several beautiful women hanging on his arm, ordering his minders around, and bringing shame to his father.

Dominic Cooper plays both Uday and Latif, and it is a performance that will make you think you are watching a documentary. The life of Uday Hussein is a shocking and fascinating one, and you will want to learn more about this crazy man, who was eventually killed by U.S. forces invading Iraq in 2003, along with his brother and nephew.

And in this case, justice was served; Latif survived his life as Uday's body double to finally live his life as Latif.