Rent Sir Richard Branson's Private Island


At just $53,000 per night, you and 27 of your closest friends can have Necker Island entirely to yourselves!

Necker Island, situated in the British Virgin Islands, is Sir Richard Branson's own private island paradise. The island is spread over 74 acres, surrounded by turquoise waters, boasting stunning coral reefs and beautiful white sandy beaches.

Necker Island can be hired privately for up to 28 people sharing 14 rooms - eight rooms in the Great House and six Bali Houses dotted around the island.

Great House
Sitting at the top of Devil's Hill, this six bedroomed house is the heart of the island. The Great House boasts wonderful panoramic views of the Caribbean, guests can watch the sun set with a glass of thier favourite tipple from the "crows nest" seating pictured below.

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Bali House's
There are six unique Bali Houses on Necker Island which are great for those of you who prefer a little bit more seclusion. Bali Hi, Bali Cliff and Bali Beach are built on a cliff in order to maximise views and sea breezes, and share a plunge pool. Bali Lo, Bali Buah and Bali Kukila are in the middle of the island they too have great views with a large private pool. Plus all guests are provided with Golf buggies to nip around the Island on!

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Looking for some adventure whilst you holiday
Necker Island has heaps of activities to choose from. Why not try a spot of kite-surfing, sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, kayaking, power-boating, and plenty more. Necker also has two tennis courts and a tennis professional on hand to help you perfect that killer serve.

If all of that doesn't sound cool enough, Sir Bransons private island paradise now has a world-first - a 3-person aero submarine called Necker Nymph, pictured above.

"This underwater 'aircraft' has been designed especially for Virgin Limited Edition and takes exploration under the sea to a whole new level - or should that be depth?! Discover some stunning parts of the British Virgin Islands you might not get to see any other way! Two passengers sit either side of a trained pilot who will take the submarine down to as deep as 30 metres below the surface. Once you've buckled up you'll have front row views of some spectacular marine life without having to swim around with all the usual scuba gear. Necker Nymph can travel at speeds of up to 6 knots underwater, and dives typically last between one and two hours."

 We know what we will be spending our next bonus on.... the only problem will be narrowing it down to 27 of our closest friends!


 N.B. You may have to put your holiday on hold as the Great House recently caught fire and the entire building was burnt to the ground. Nobody was hurt in the blaze, but it will take a little while for the rebuild. For more information on the fire click here

Image Source : Virgin Limited Edition