Summer, Sun, Sand and Sport

On The Beach In Nice Chris Agiasotis

With the wonderful weather we’ve been having recently, a spot of frolicking in the sun is in order. We bring you a list of some of the best British beach pastimes in the year ahead.

Top of the list would be the British Beach Polo Championships. A once yearly event to be enjoyed in the sun, I sauntered down to Sandbanks in early July and witnessed a world class event, and ladies, let me tell you there were more than a few talented and tousled manes in the finals (and I’m not talking about the horses). Britain took the lead, and it looks set to reappear next year in venues across the world, and again at Sandbanks on the 13th & 14th July 2012. (That’s one up on our Californian compatriots, who have yet to host one of these outstanding events).

With the 2012 Olympics bouncing up on us, we have beach volleyball. This ones is for the boys, and the vote throughout the office of which female athletes they would most like to meet is the Brazilian beach volleyball team, with the Swedes coming in a close second.

Other English sports to enjoy include a spot of sailing in the South of France sunshine, or in sunny Studland in Dorset, if you stay for the rest of the British summer (short as that may now be).

Another sport for the young at heart includes surfing off the beaches of Cornwall. Whitesand Bay’s Sennon Cove in Cornwall is a top spot for surf catching and seal spotting, and with spray all year round, it makes it a good destination for both beginners and the more advanced at the sport.

Then, of course, you have the ultimate summers sport: sunbathing. Although actually, this is more of an art than a sport. Firstly, you have to set up your windbreak, as you never know how changeable the weather can be. There has to be the right sun factor, which includes checking out the cheeky weather chappies' predictions, and who knows when he will be right. You have to pitch an umbrella for protection (due to unexpected showers, which to be honest, are the bane of all British beaches).

Then don a large hat in order to ensure all bald patches are covertly covered. Finally, it comes down to exposing all! Now, if you’re a naturist clearly this isn’t an issue, however for those of us who are not used to parading around in public, exposing parts which are covered the rest of the year, this can be a little daunting. My suggestion is that before you hit the beaches you utilise a tanning technique and have your teeth whitened. That way, if any Californian kids turn up and park their Cadillac next to your Clio (or Ferrari, however clearly you lot will be in the south of France), you’ll be sure to outshine them.

So enjoy the rest of your summer, and be sure to spend the bank holiday weekend slapping on the suntan lotion. The lobster effect is only going to make our American compatriots laugh harder at your attempts to outdo their natural tanning techniques.