Charity and Exploration on a Bike

Angkor Wat Aron Kremer

Most people go to Vietnam and Cambodia to see the temples, to tour Saigon, and to see Angkor Wat. However, City worker Vicky Dewar and her mum, Sue Newton, are heading there to cycle and, at the same time, to raise money for the charity, Women for Women.

This event, which will take place in late November, is a five-day 400km challenge which will take the women (200 expected) from Ho Chi Minh City, and past villages and green paddy fields, to Angkor Wat.

“My mum lost my sister to cot death many years ago. She would’ve been 30 this year, and it's for this reason I am doing this cycle. This charity also helps with other issues such as brain damage, miscarriage, genetic diseases and ovarian cancer, and I think when you are woman, these effects really hit home,” Dewar says.

Dewar is a novice to charity events, as the only event she has done was a 5km run for cancer research a couple years ago. So what makes her think she will be able to finish this one?

“I have been going to spinning classes at lunchtime, and after work, and at the weekends I get out on my bike. The longest distance I have done so far is 40 miles, but I have four months of training and I'm hoping at the end of those four months I will be hitting 80 miles," Dewar enthusiastically says.

“Just the achievement that I have done something worthwhile for charity, and every bit of charity money I have received is going to help someone someday or their child I think in itself is a great achievement,” Dewar says.

Dewar (and her mum) are killing two birds with one stone, raising money and visiting a country they both have never been to before. So far they have raised £3,800, but their target is £6,200, so feel free to kick in some money and help these two women from Essex reach their goal.


Women for Women is part of Genesis Research Trust, which promotes science for the health of women and babies. Genesis Research Trust raises money for the largest UK-based collection of scientists and clinicians who are researching the causes and cures for conditions that affect the health of women and babies.