Calls To Ban Workplace Kissing

Bankers, of course, don't go in for a lot of kissing - at least not in the workplace (not good for street cred or, indeed, your chances of avoiding a harassment claim).

But the Germans, it seems, do. And wish they didn't have to.

The BBC reports that Germany's Knigge Society has called for the practice of greeting colleagues and business partners with a peck on the cheek to be banned from the workplace.

Knigge Society Chairman Hans-Michael Klein said: 'Most people don't like it. They feel there is somehow an erotic aspect to it - a form of body contact which can be used by men to get close to a woman'. Klein continues: 'It has come from places like Italy, France and South America, and (many people feel) belongs in a specific cultural context'.

Although Klein recognises that an outright ban might be impossible, he is said to have called for workers who don't want to be kissed to place a sign on their desk that will indicate a 'no kissing' zone.

As one critic pointed out to Here is The City, however: 'German business people are not usually in the habit of carting their desks off to business meetings with them, so such a sign on a desk is unlikely to have much impact. Perhaps one that can be worn around the neck would be more effective. Better still, wearing a balaclava would certainly stop all that stuff'.

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