Pelleve is French For Lift

Before And After Pelleve

In these competitive times, what woman over 30 has not yearned for a quick-fix way to look younger and feel better?

A fair few of us have been massaged into oblivion, tried injectables of the ‘lifting’ kind, spent a fortune on creams that sounded so convincing. And quite a few of us looked startled for a while and had to hide ugly bruises, having chosen a practionner who was, shall we say, not quite right.

So when news reached me of a painfree, but amazingly quick and lasting new procedure called 'Pelleve' (French for lift! skin), I smiled somewhat cynically. Oh yes, I had heard of medics talking of ‘slight discomfort’ when patients are squealing, which reminded me of my normally gentle dentist describing bridgework as "a bit of discomfort". Hah! Who are you kidding?

But reports kept coming about this new Pelleve, and how painless and effective. I simply had to find out more. So I decided to go to the women known as the Lip Queen of London, and whose practice also has the most up-to-date machines, offering all the cutting edge stuff you read about in the glossy magazines. The world of sophisticated enhancement is your oyster at Dr. Rita Rakus' place, conveniently situated just beside Harrods. It's the place to go for Fraxel, IPL laser treatments, microdermabrasion, peels, fillers, Thermage and now Pelleve, and it's one of the first clinics in the country to offer it. And they are doing a lot of it, which is amazing, as it's not the cheapest treatment. But I suppose if it saves you the knife and doesn’t make you squirm or squeal either, then it must be worth it...

So in the interest of our dear readers, I went along and had some. And I was amazed - it really didn’t hurt a bit. In fact, it was actually quite relaxing! After filling in oodles of paperwork, I had expected a far more dramatic machine - maybe like an MRI scanner - but really, it was like having a facial. A little roller was passed up and down by a reassuring nurse, and it was warm, but not disagreeably so.

And the results were startlingly immediate: I could actually see the 'lift’. Incredible. So far, no downtime required at all - no treacherous bruises or lifting in the wrong places. Pelleve seems to do what it says on the tin. But the real benefits appear after 3-6 weeks, so I shall keep you posted on my progress. But so far, so very good!

Maybe those people from Channel 4’s '10 Years Younger Challenge' knew what they were doing when they contacted Dr. Rakus. Her model, Denise Bird, won the challenge. What's there not to like?