The Too-Much Travel Test

Airport Michael Telecky

You know you have been travelling too much when...

  1. You know what is good in the airline lounge. You save your stomach for the Chinese carrot cake with the little prawns and you skip the Paris-Singapore tea even though it sounds exotic.
  2. You no longer go to the cinema but watch your movies on the plane. And you have seen most of the European films on offer and are able to give detailed movie reviews to other colleagues who are getting ready to travel.
  3. You get a note from the hotel manager on your bedside table saying "Welcome home" when you arrive in your hotel room.
  4. You ask for a coffee card at the cafe where you get your breakfast every morning. You know you will chalk up those coffees so you might as well get your freebie.
  5. You get sick on every trip. It starts with an innocent tickle in the throat and progresses into a slight cough. Then you start sounding like a chain-smoker and end up scaring away people who think you have tuberculosis. The cycle will finally be broken when you are able to hack up big globules of neon green phlegm and get rid of the infection.
  6. You are a walking pharmacy. You carry so much medicine that you declare "Yes" on the customs form where it asks if you are carrying any drugs.
  7. You have more little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion than you can ever use. But of course you continue taking them.
  8. Your wallet contains several currencies since you don't bother to remove them even when you are back in your home country. Why bother if you are going back again soon?