'Bad Smell' Bankers Said To Find It Difficult To Get New Jobs Out Of Sector

When Pumpkins Go Bad

The Telegraph reports that, according to some of its headhunting sources, 'where private sector companies in a range of industries would have once jumped at the chance of hiring ex-bankers, many now will not touch them with a barge pole'.

Here Is The City, however, is not so sure about all this.

'There are a lot of talented bankers out there who are, or may soon will be, looking for a new job', says our roving reporter Rhiann Hughes, 'Sure, not all companies will feel that bankers have the right transferable skills to go work for them, but those firms outside the industry who have traditionally recruited bankers will continue to do so. And if they don't, it will be more to do with where we are in the economic cycle, than any general stigma attached to bankers. All this talk of collective guilt is way overdone'.

Another area where bankers may find a ready-made source of job opportunities are the large consultancy firms, many of which had big plans to gear up this year, and are happy to fish in the banker pool. And even organisations like M16 have been known to recruit ex-bankers in the past, and is is doubtful whether the actions of a few hundred senior bankers will make any difference to employers looking to pick up some decent talent relatively cheaply.

'Bankers may not be particularly popular', one recruiter told Here Is The City, 'But they can bring a lot to the party. Many have useful transferable skills, a strong work ethic, and the ability to think for themselves. Any company from outside the financial markets which is prepared to write-off a candidate simply because he / she worked in the banking industry is shooting itself in the foot'. 


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