Let's Rethink the Roller Bag

Jack Spade Waxwear Soft Duffle

On a business trip for two days or less? Leave your rolling suitcase - however small - at home.

This is a live report from Boston, MA. I'm here with Chris W, the COO of an IT company who travels. A lot.

The conversation started when I mentioned Wednesday's article on man bags. I asked him what he carried every day to work. He told me that Deb, one of my best friends, bought him a Jack Spade Warren Street bag." "No!" I exclaimed. "The wax one?" Yes, the same one, the same one I bought my husband four years ago.

Tomorrow's article came about because my husband's everyday bag is wearing out. Jack Spade (if there was one) would be proud, and tell us it had at least a decade left on it. I think it has a year at most.

"And my other favourite thing is my duffle bag. I am over the roller." Huh? I thought travel today started and ended with the roller. He brought it out for show & tell.

"Here's what I do: I pack my toiletries in this waterproof side pocket, and if I need a suit, I wear it. Well, or I wear the trousers and carry the jacket. Then I pack light - I'm all about light these days - and that's it. I jump in a cab and I don't have to put the bag in the trunk. I don't have to hope for the best in the overhead compartment. My space requirements on the sidewalk, terminal walkways and airplane are simply less. It's so much easier."

While we aren't about product placement, his duffle of choice is also Jack Spade, only Green Street this time. I just checked the website, and it doesn't seem Green Street is still available. But we really liked this one, currently available in their sale. 

So, think before you automatically pull out the roller before your next trip. You think it makes life easier, but there could be something easier still.