Just How Many of You Want to Move Abroad?

Ship 3 Rafael Prust

A recent survey uncovers the answer. And it's rather high.

55% of 18-41 year-old employees who participated in a new study from currencies.co.uk. would consider moving abroad.

In all age groups, 31% of UK employees would consider leaving the country in the next five years in pursuit of better career prospects.

86% of would-be emigrants are drawn by the prospect of a better work/life balance, and 83% are attracted by the prospect of a higher salary.

Australia and New Zealand are the most popular destinations, with 70% expressing it as their first choice. North America was the second most popular destination, cited by 59%.

According to ONS, More than half (57%) of all emigration is currently work-related. And certainly, having your employer arrange work permits for you is the path of least resistance. So if you want to make this happen, try first inside the the walls of your building.